How to use Digilocker app, A Digital Locker for Document
How to use Digilocker App info-graphic

How to use Digilocker app, A Digital Locker for Document

How to use Digilocker app, A Digital Locker for Documents


How to use digilocker App, digilocker app, digilocker
How to use Digilocker App, A Digital Locker for Documents


The thought of losing or damaging important documents could be overwhelming,

which could drive the owners to check on their documents frequently.

It is no wonder that a driving license, education certifications, birth certificates, voter ID card, and property documents are important but,

these documents are often susceptible to an unexpected loss or damage,

which could also tamper with their significance in the short-run.

DigiLocker has introduced a solution for keeping your documents inside of your house,

and it allows you to access the e-copies of the documents on your phone to access the documents. It also allows you to Share your Documents as Data via Digilocker.

You can simply download the app on your mobile, follow the instructions, and then, you are good to go!


What is DigiLocker App?

If you are wondering that what is Digitlocker–

it is an app is exclusive to desktop websites and mobile apps,

and it saves its users from the hassle of carrying their important documents along with them.

The app works as a digital locker for documents for storing your documents, and it could be linked to an Aadhaar card and cell phone numbers for the activation of its status.

The use of Digilocker app has eliminated the requirement of carrying physical documents, which is now substituted by carrying e-copies of the documents on your mobile app.


Know All about DigiLocker App:

The app was developed in accordance with the digital India drive and digital locker government of India, which proves beneficial in storing the data on the cloud.

Up to 1GB cloud data is provided in this “Digilocker app” to store your Documents.

You can use the app to upload the scanned copies of your documents and certificates in various formats that include PNG, JPEG, and PDF, and you can access the documents by simply navigating the app.

Additionally, the apps also allow you to sign the uploaded documents, which allows you to attest to the physical documents.

The app is exclusive to regular inhabitants, and it also allows top organizations like the Income Tax Department, Registrar Office, and the CBSE to scan electronic copies of their documents and certificates into their e-lockers.

The digilocker app is protected by a password, and you can set a password of your preference to make your e-locker secure to use.

The interface of the app is navigable and easy-to-use, which allows anyone to use the app and upload their e-documents without any hassle.

The top left corner on the app allows you to upload documents, access issued documents, set your profile setting, and scan QR code.

Also, the top right corner allows the users to upload documents, create a new folder, and refresh the existing documents.

The app is fairly easy to use, and it can be downloaded to Android smartphones via Play store.


How to use DigiLocker App:

If you are considering downloading Digilocker to your smartphone to secure your physical documents;

you are making a smart and considerable choice.

You can follow the given steps to download and use the app:


Step 1. Visit or, look for the DigiLocker app on Google’s Play Store.

       You can proceed to download the app to your smartphone and install it accordingly.


Step 2. Once you open the app, it shows you two options sign in and sign up,

you have to sign up if you are using it for the first time.


Step 3. You will be asked to use your mobile number and verify mobile number using an OTP via Digilocker login.


Step 4. When Verification of mobile number is done,

it will ask you to enter username and password for login.


Step 5. Now you have to link your Aadhar card number to access the Digilocker services.

              On the Dashboard tap on ‘link Aadhar’ and enter the 12 digit Aadhar number,

              again it sends you an OTP to verify the Aadhar, once verification is done you are ready to upload any documents.


Step 6.You can follow the instructions to upload your documents and e-sign them for their attestation. Additionally, you can also access the documents uploaded by an organization of your preference.


Step 7. You can also use the app to share documents with a preferred party by sharing a link to the e-documents.


Above all are the steps to use DigiLocker App.


Additionally, I have Added below an Infographic for this steps I hope you like it:


How to use Digilocker App infographic, digilocker infographic
How to use Digilocker App infographic


Above all steps are shown using the infographic.

The App is useful in my point of view when you use it plz share your reviews in the comment section.

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