On Page SEO Optimization for WordPress 2018
on page SEO optimization for WordPress 2018

On Page SEO Optimization for WordPress 2018

On Page SEO Optimization for WordPress 2018


What is SEO?

Seo refers to search engine optimization, so people can easily find what they want through the search engines, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Why do you need SEO?

When we write any content (article) or any information for the web, then it should be written properly so the information can reach to the people who need that info, the SEO friendly article is created with the goal to attract the traffic from the search engines to our place or I say to our site.

Search engines have a set of algorithms to decide which page rank where for the given keyword.


SEO is divided into two categories: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

on page seo ranking factor, on page seo optimization factor
on page SEO ranking factor


As you can see According to Hubspot off-page SEO is more important but you can’t ignore on-page SEO, it has its own importance.


This article is focused on On page SEO optimization for WordPress

So here is the list of WHAT-TO-DO for an

On Page SEO Friendly Article for WordPress 2018:-


1. Post Permalink

Use SEO-friendly URL extension, according to Matt Cutts, first 3 to 5 word in an URL are given good impact.

permalink must be small and readable separated by dashes, avoid special characters, comma, symbols

For Example




example of good permalink, on page seo optimization
example of a good Permalink






2. Post Title and Headings

First, do the keyword research get your keyword or phrase to target.

Make the title perfectly optimized, always try to keep your keyword at the beginning of the title.

For the on page SEO Optimization it is very important to make a good Title.

Keep title tag under 50 to 60 characters because Google displays the first 50- 60 characters of a title tag or as many as the character fits into a 512-pixel display.

Mention targeted keyword in the title, Wrap your title in an H1 tag like I did in this post.

Use H1 tag only once for the title and after that use H2 and H3 Heading tags for rest of the post.

But only where needs to put a heading don’t use it unnecessarily.


use heading tags for on page seo optimization , on page seo optimization
use heading tags for on page SEO optimization













3. Image Optimization 

Always optimize your images when you use it into an article, like file name, alt tags, captions.

you can include, keywords also in image properties and in the alt text.

Using keywords in the ‘image caption‘ and ‘alt text‘ helps in SEO.

Add a Featured Image in your post, so it can appear in image searches and get people from there to your site.


on page seo image optimization,on page seo optimization
on page SEO optimization












Use media (images and videos) on your site or blog,

because readers feel interested in visual more than only a plain text, it will reduce your bounce rate and increase users time on site.

( NOTE:- Bounce rate is calculated as the time spent by the user on your site if user returns from your site quickly then it will increase the bounce rate % of your site if it is increased much then its bad for the on page SEO optimization)


4. Keyword Density

Drop keyword in first 100 words according to Moz, your keyword should appear in the first 100-150 words of the article.

And always use related keywords in between the articles, which are called LSI keywords, Google analyzes the meaning of different keywords to know the topic of your page that what it is related to.

you should not exceed the targeted keyword and Lsi keyword density of more than 1.5 to 2%.

Don’t do keyword stuffing otherwise Google will penalize your site If you add too many keywords more than it allows,

this is black hat SEO and bad for your site. so always remember to check the keyword density.

Lsi keywords are nothing just the related words and synonyms of your targeted keyword.

You can also find the Lsi keywords at the bottom of the google pages like in the pic below


Lsi keywords for on page seo optimization
Lsi keywords for on page SEO optimization








5. Linking

Here we do two types of linking: Internal Linking and External (or Outbound ) Linking.

Internal Linking is those links which are related to posts on your site or blog.

Interlinking your own posts can make a Reader spend more time on your Blog

Use anchor text to link, you can also use the keyword as an anchor text for internal linking, but don’t use keywords too many.

External Linking is linking with some outside website.

when you take some information from somewhere else so you have to give them the credit also by linking their website.

but always links to good authority sites only, if you don’t know about the authority of the site then add a “No Follow” tag to that Link.

link to the External site only to related pages which are appropriate, that helps Google to analyze your page topic, and it shows to Google that u have a quality information if you added some good authority outbound links with good DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority ).


6. Good Content and High Word Count

Write your article with a high word count and good content, because if you want your visitors to return to you.

you have to provide them a Quality content to visit again, and so you can make customer potential.

Don’t try to copy anything from anywhere else.

Just look for the reference to learn and write it by yourself, with good information you can write a good quality content.

if you want to rank high in google use article word count of approx 1,200 to 2,000 like I have written this post of around 1,500-word count.

It’s very good if you write the article for an approx 2,000-word count.

so choose topics from a field in which you have more knowledge so you can write more about it.

Don’t just try to increase count forcefully, only provide the required information as per the Topic.

let’s take an example if u write an article on a topic of word count 2,000 with proper on page SEO optimization and a competitor site have also written the article on the same topic with proper on page SEO and both of you have the same number and quality of backlinks also, but he has word count/ article like 1,000 or 1,500 then you finish the competition there and your chances are very good to rank high.


7. Meta Description

Write Meta Description for your Blog and Add different Meta descriptions to each post.

In Meta description add your targeted Keyword and make an attractive description for Readers.


Meta discription for on page SEO optimization
Meta discription for on page SEO optimization









8. Meta Tags

Add Meta Tags to Your posts, add your keyword as Meta tag also and related words it will be little good for on page SEO optimization.


9. other points related to on page SEO optimization

  • Make your page and articles optimized for sharing on social media which is users sometimes want also and its also good for your traffic.
  • Check your page loading Speed, estimated page loading time for proper on page SEO optimization is 3 to 4 sec.
  • And use a proper theme and setting so your site adjust the size according to devices.
  • Add a featured image on your post, so when the post is shared on social media like FB, Twitter, Pinterest. it contains a featured image to show.
  • Ask Readers to comment below and give feedback, so it increases post engagements with Readers and you get some feedback.
  • Readability: good


I tried my best to write this post with proper on page SEO optimization, Hope you like it. below are the results:


Readability result of this post SEO techniques optimized
Readability result of this post SEO techniques optimized








on page SEO optimization Result
on page SEO optimization Result










On Page SEO Optimization for WordPress 2018

Above all, I have mentioned what I know about the on page SEO optimization.

Give your Feedback

plz, comment below if you have any queries, I’ll try my best.

Do Let me know in the comment if u have any tips of on page SEO optimization for me.

Like my Post? If yes then plz, share coz sharing is sexy…


Thankx For Being Here.


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